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We use Matamo Analytics to anonymously track visits to our website (For more information, see the Privacy policy).

Cookie name: MATOMO_SESSID

  • Expiration Time: Until the end of the session
  • Description: Matomo statistics opt-out. (See here)

Cookie name: piwik_ignore

  • Expiration Time: 2 years
  • Description: Matomo statistics opt-out   You can find out more about the analytics cookie usage here.

Account cookies

If you have an account on the website, cookies are used to provide account functionality.

Cookie name: grav-*

  • Expiration time: 30 minutes
  • Description: Used to provide account functionality.

Other cookies

Occasionally some webpages may include external content. In these cases cookies may be placed on your machine by the external website.

If you have any questions about cookies that are set on your computer by visiting any of our webpages, then please contact us.